For each organization Lean journey can be unique, a tailor-made service that is right for your needs, at the right time.
By Lean Journey we mean organizations steps towards Lean business culture and that is led by our experienced Lean coach. Typically Lean journey can be as described below:


1. Lean5 – The Mapping

2. Lean5 – The Basics

3. Lean5 – Introduction to Leadership

4. Lean5 Continuous Improvement

We will start together by mapping current state and development posibilities. We will make a tailored plan that to fit for your requirements.
Lets start a Lean journey together and create a Lean working culture for your organization!

We will train Lean basics, key operating models and general Lean methods.

We apply key principles of productive environment into practice and to leadership. We will help to develop productivity of a chosen value chain into a whole new level.

We will support our customers comprehensively throughout their continuous improvement journey.