Lean Act of the Year 2016 Olvi

Olvi plc has won the second prize in the Lean Act of the Year competition. Iisalmi brewery is a good example of the importance of systematic utilization of correct and accurate information in leading and developing of business.

At Olvi, root causes of production disruptions are dealt in accordance with Lean philosophy. Lean methods and right knowledge are used in problem solving. All employees are involved with development work.
Productivity and efficiency have increased and customer complaints have decreased significantly, as has the environmental burden. The excellent practices of the Iisalmi brewery have been widely distributed to other breweries in Olvi group.

“Hoppee ei todellakaan ole häppee (Second place is definitely nothing to be ashamed of),” reminds Lauri Multanen, Production Manger of Olvi. Lean methods and tools have enabled business development at Olvi. It’s good to carry on from here!

Olvi plc
Lauri Multanen, Production Manager