Lean Act of the Year 2015 Murata Electronics, 2nd place

In 2015, Murata Electronics Oy was awarded the 2nd prize in Lean Act of the Year Competition, by Lean Association of Finland.
Murata Electronics Oy has started its Lean journey years ago under the name of VTI Technologies Oy.
Various Lean tools have been in use for a long time and 5S and daily management has been practiced on several occations.
But for some reason it felt that it was often slow or the changes were not lasting.
Things started to change in 2011 when we started talking about the flow and tested value stream mapping for the first time in our assembly line. We started actively removing flow-stopping activities, waste, that added no value from our customer’s point of view.
It was time to get a grip on oneself. The key word was continuous learning.
Lean is not process development, it’s learning and creating a learning environment.
Daily management is a learning tool and a whiteboard is its environment.
Through the learnings there’s a new better way to do things, as a result. And you made it yourself.

This type of learning curve has been now active at Murata for five years.
Resulting millions and millions of euros are exempt for better use.
In fact, so much and fast that things had to be explained to financial experts (I recommend you to read the great Real Numbers).
Capital released from production will temporarily reduce the company’s result.
Days, weeks, and months are permanently erased over production lead-times and customers can be better served.
And most importantly, every one of hundreds of participants in this Lean project has learned more, every day. This can not be measured in monetary terms.