Lean Act of the Year 2014 Mendor Oy, 2nd place

In 2014, Mendor Oy was awarded the 2nd prize in Lean Act of the Year competition, by Lean Association of Finland.

Mendor Oy, a finnish pioneering company for diabetes management, started its Lean journey in a very challenging financial situation.
Instead of layoffs, the company’s management decided to start developing the competence of its personnel in according to the Lean principles. The New Lean Movement, adapted from company’s logo, was started.
“We have learned to see the significance of flow in our own environment.
The starting point for the change was to create a single flow through the entire production.
Based on this and the lessons we learned, our employees shortened our assembly time by about from a week to four minutes.

The qualitative change was significant.
Instead of days of production, the possible quality challenges are now limited to a few dozen products and production can be resumed almost immediately after the investigation. ”
At the same time, we reduced production-linked capital by nearly 97%, reduced the required floor area by more than 50%, and at the same time increased the product’s level of readiness.
We are achieving 40% more with the same personnel than we did in the past.

– Kristian Ranta, Managing Director and Founding Member
Mendor Oy