Lean Act of the Year 2012 VR Group, 1st place

The Lean Association of Finland shares the annual “Lean Deed of the Year” award for the significant Lean achievement in industry, service business or public administration. In 2012, the VR Group was awarded the Lean Deed of the Year Competition, 1st prize.
The prize is awarded to a company, a group of workers or a private person for a significant development in productivity, quality or delivery capability or improved well-being in work environment through the Lean philosophy.
The appraisal of award-winning proposals emphasizes real measurable achievements and the application of Lean techniques to the organization’s operations or the development of management practices.

Lean Deed of the Year -award was held at the Dipoli Convention Center in Espoo on 2 October 2012. The first place went to VR Group Oy, Maintenance Services, and with co-operation of Lean5 Europe Oy, VR Group has succesfully implemented their development process already in seven locations in Finland.