Lean Basics

The aim of the training is to increase participants’ understanding of Lean principles and the culture of continuous improvement, which leads to developing organization’s productivity and well-being at work. The goal is also to learn how to identify waste in processes, build competitiveness and reduce resistance to change.

The training will cover Lean’s history and background, value production and definition, waste and it’s symptoms, process flow and efficiency paradox, and key Lean methods such as 5S, VSM, 5xM, PDSA & A3 and SMED.

Lean Management

The training covers the basics and practices of Lean leadership. The aim is to increase participants’ understanding of the Lean leadership philosophy and its core practices. Training will include, among other things, the challenges of change management, different types of work communities, daily Lean management model, measurement activities, and learn Lean leadership tools in practice, such as 5xMi, PDCA & A3, LDM / PJ.

Lean5 Value Stream Management, VSM

VSM =Value Stream Mapping

Participant will learn to identify their organizations value chain from the customer’s and value production point of view.
In training day, a participant learns to recognize which parts of value stream are of non value adding and opnly generating cost.
VSM method training teaches a you to describe the current state and future state, as well as planning and measuring them.
VSM is a tool for the development process and through the learnings participant knows how to implement desired change, all the way from plannin to implementation and piloting in real life.

Lean 5S Operating model

The aim of the training is to understand the basics, benefits and implementation of the 5S model in practice. With 5S training, participants learn to identify the waste functions of their industry and thus improve the working environment to become more productive, cleaner and safer.

Lean5 -game®

The aim of the game is for participant to learn to understand Lean principles and benefits through the practice. The game describes a simplified order-production-supply chain, including all the important functions of the company and surrounding support functions. A game environment has been built for the Lean5 game and each participant has a practical role in it.

Lean5 Boot Camp

Lean 5 Boot Camp combines Lean basics and Lean5 Game. This is a two day training course and participant will learn how to improve productivity in practice, how to eliminate the waste in processes and what improvements you can implement right away at your own workplace. On a day 1 you will learn Lean basics and the second day you’ll get to put your learnings into practise in Lean5 Game!